For the first time ever, part of the Cousteau Archive is accessible on a mobile application. Through the unique Cousteau Collection, re-discover the legendary adventures of Jacques-Yves Cousteau: his expeditions, his crew, his inventions, his dreams and aspirations...
The app also features some of the best images and films uploaded by the users of the Cousteau Divers website, witnessing the state of our oceans today.

         Dive into the Cousteau universe! Available on App Store

Cousteau Collection

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Featured in media:

  • Cool Hunting

  • Cool Hunting:

    "Connoisseurs of the work of the pioneering sea scientist will delight in the new iPhone and iPad app that reveals a significant portion of Cousteau's archive for the first time. Users can track exhibitions, meet members of the crew and learn more from pictures and video of oceanic analyses inspired by Cousteau's findings."